x 1. 1. Visa Requirements for Foreigners Travelling to Namibia

Nationals from the countries listed below are NOT required to obtain a visa, when travelling as a tourist OR business to Namibia , for a maximum period of 90 days*

x 1. 2. Visa Requirements for Namibians Travelling Abroad  

The following countries have reciprocated by equally exempting Namibian nationals from Visa requirements when visiting their countries.



* Applies only to Official and Diplomatic Passport Holders

** Only official business visitors - attending workshops, seminars and official functions xxof the OUA and the UNECA and other UN Organs

*** Applies only to Holders of Diplomatic Passports

x 1. 3. Obtaining Visa

• Passport must be valid at least six (6) months after departure from xNamibia
• Provide:
xxx- Two (2) passport photos in colour
xxx- A copy of the passport
xxx- A copy of a return air ticket or confirmation of reservation
xxx- A copy of valid credit card that is internationally
xxxxrecognized or proof of survival in Namibia
• A fee of US 60 / RM 225 is to be paid, if you are a tourist
• A fee of US 106 / RM 395 is to be paid, if you are a business visitor
• Submit

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